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opholus - elekri


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    • By mirror
    • By Extralife
      Absolutely luuuuush new extended ep from a dude I just discovered today.  Tranced out, breakbeat driven, IDM at its finest. 
      Seems he has a lot more out there.  Color me interested. 
    • By tomikoo
      The 3rd installment of my "...While You Can" series. This time a bit more of a house side of things, but with a flavour of trance I guess. Maschine MK3, Digitakt, Minilogue, Reface DX + various effects. Arrangement, production, mixing and mastering in Cubase. 
    • By auxien
      new album. vinyl and special vinyl and CD and digital vinyls. out in April. 
    • By tomikoo
      The second installment of my current, more dance oriented release series, "...While You Can". This time around we're in the realm of Progressive House and Trance. Hope you guys like 'em.
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