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post a pic of the view from your window

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Here's a cool one from some days ago facing Barbados... 

Love being able to see other people’s views, there’s almost always something interesting about it.  Here’s my a, b and c sides, obvs taken at different times. D side has a nuclear family engraved on

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14 minutes ago, zero said:

where's yours? let's see the view from the ship!

It's just sea dude, miles and miles of blue... Pretty boring... But I'll post one tomorrow... 

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11 minutes ago, dingformung said:

boring, take a better pic please

What about you quit that facetious personality of yours for once and share something honest with us? 

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24 minutes ago, dingformung said:

Love winter, it's my favourite season. Most of the other seasons are not quite as good imo. The more, the better

I actually don’t mind winter at all aside from having to drive in it - this city gets very unique weather whereby temp can go from -25 to +25 in one day, so the snow melts and then refreezes overnight and basically the whole city is a skating rink lol. 

Aside from that I love how quiet it is outside in the winter, and I enjoy it he cold weather and solitude. 

edit ok a bit of an exaggeration more like -20 to +20. Still a huge variance. 

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Backyard is dug up at the moment for a pool that is being put in (you can see that hole behind the lipstick palms, up to concreting stage now (single day skatepark at my place lol)). Sporting field yonder is a favourite haunt of the elusive but enchanting stone bush curlews from dusk to dawn.

pics a week apart



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That looks lovely @Roo, so much foliage and greenery. One of my only gripes living here (it’s great honestly) is the green spaces are so lacking. This part of Canada isn’t the most hospitable to leafy plants. We get like 3-4 months where there’s green anywhere and then it’s instantly yellow and snow for 6 months lol.

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Very tropical here, I'm about a day north of the tropic of capricorn, rainforest country, get the wet season. The lowest temperature this year was about 11 Celsius one night during winter. Only downside really is that you need to keep more on top of mould in this climate with proper air circulation/humidity control and maintaining at-risk items.

Yeah I kind of go mad in green-malnourished places. SereneGreen.

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