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Enter the Wagon: Recepticon Listening Party


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DJ Luke Vibert FIVE 2-Hour DJ sets!!!
(Downtempo, Electro, Synthy, Party Chewns, and Library Nuggets = 2 hrs of each)
DJ Mix Master Morris (Lay Down and Be Counted) (Special All Wagon Christ DJ set)
VJ Ben Stokes (Dimensional Holographic Sound, DHS/Meat Beat Manifesto)
VJ Tek aka Brien E. Rullman (OVT Visuals)
VJ Dr. Rek aka Derek Sajbel (Absurdity.Biz)
“Special Designer Song” by Celyn Brazier (Longtime Wagon Christ artwork artist)
“Alright” by Dr. Rek
“Recepticon” by B17 Bomber / Edward Pelky
“Hello” by Brien Rullman
In celebration of Luke Vibert’s brand new Wagon Christ album, ‘Recepticon’ on People of Rhythm Records, the first Wagon Christ release in nearly a decade, we come together online, or “Receptic(online)” as we now say, to absorb and embrace the long awaited return of Luke’s legendary and beloved alias. Relaunching 'Wagon Christ Radio' for a very special 12 hour marathon of music and visuals. Starting with the full stream of the new Recepticon album plus world premiere music video debuts by longtime Wagon Christ illustrator, Celyn Brazier for the track “Special Designer Song”, and B17 Bomber’s music video for the track 'Recepticon', VJ Tek's music video for the track 'Hello', as well as Dr. Rek’s music video for the track “Alright”.
AUDIO: Stacked with 10 more hours of music by DJ Luke Vibert in the form of FIVE (5!) 2-Hour DJ sets ranging from downtempo, funk, electro, synth oddities and party tunes set from Luke's musical nuggets. Luke made a few and shared these DJ sets especially for this event. Plus, as a very special guest, we have invited onboard longtime Vibert mate and early Wagon Christ supporter, Mixmaster Morris, who provides us with a stellar one hour mix of a specially curated all Wagon Christ DJ set.
VISUALS: The visuals throughout the event will be provided LIVE by very special guest VJs including the legendary artists Ben Stokes (DHS/Meatbeat Manifesto), and Brien Rullman/ VJ Tek (OVT), well as the next generation of eye popping video artists including Mat Hale, Dr. Rek, C. Matts (Blimp Radio Network) and more.
Giveaways will include: FIVE "GOOD VIBE PACKS" (The 'Recepticon' Double LP, CD, Signed Limited Print). Additional giveaway items include: Amen Andrews, Rave Hop, and Modern Rave LPs (Hypercolour), Valvable LPs (I Love Acid) CARE4LIFE 12”, Luke Vibert T-Shirts, Wagon Christ stickers and more.
*Throughout the live event People of Rhythm will be interacting and giving away a few special “Good Vibe Packs”. Giveaways throughout the event will take place on the Luke Vibert Official Instagram page, the Luke Vibert Producer Facebook page, the Tastee Media and the People of Rhythm Facebook pages (all co-hosts here).
To enter to win, you must be “following”, “like” the Luke Vibert Producer, People of Rhythm and Tastee.Media Facebook Pages, or the Luke Vibert Official and People of Rhythm Instagram pages on social media pages. Share information in a social media post about the Wagon Christ “Recepticon’ release and tag a friend, this could be a video, a photo or even posting your favorite Wagon Christ song. You must tag information about the new release and be sure to tag us so we can see it. There will be winners for each page! Good luck and Tally Ho!
8PM - 8AM UK
Streaming LIVE ON: Blimp Radio Network.


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1 minute ago, BobDobalina said:

Thnx YosepH

Still playing catch up and only heard 1/3 of the rave trilogy so far, but by the sounds of it I'll have to check out the new hotness

no worries- gr8 track


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I unfortunately couldn't tune in for long but loved what I was able to catch. Does anyone know if they audio was recorded? Video would be even better but I figured that's a stretch.

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Thanks dudes.  It was awesome to be part of a collective creation in  celebration of Wagon Christ/Luke's music.

I don't know what's going to happen with the mixes and other VJ stuff.  I'd like to hear it again myself, the Library mix was awesome and if you stuck around long enough there were a couple treats in the mixes.   

I will be uploading my video in a short time there's a few tweeks I need to make.  I worked like mad to put together as the whole event was assembled 8 days ahead.  So I'm gonna relax for a day and then put together my final edit for the Recepticon video.

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