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Roel Funcken - AFX.megamix.Mixlr.17.Oct.2020

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❤️ Love this as much as VLR's two afx mix sets. Neat mix!

Also similar megamixes for Plaid, Boards Of Canada and Autechre on his sc account but can't be arsed to crosspost them.

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On 10/21/2020 at 6:52 PM, hijexx said:

A few too many sample and holds to be a "mix" to me but good track selection. Not hating I'm just a dinosaur that learned mixing in the 20th century.


After having tried beat mixing aphex tunes on vinyl, I am happy to admit that a digital mix is quite satisfactory on this occasion 🙂

Same goes for the autechre mix (which I am listening to now) - the style of music lends itself to digital blending due to the tracks constantly evolving.  You need to reign them in somehow! Vinyl mixing of autechre is fine if you know the tracks inside out and are confident when you can get the transitions to work out... but it is hard going


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... while these mixes & VLR's are dope gateways into, & compendiums of, these artists' work , iThink® that bc Afx , ae , & drexciya make such strong tunage - that to mix just their own trax into a mix is kinda doomed 2 fail coz the mix becomes too meaty.  & w/o enough cheese , bread or other flavours 2 carry the heft of these artists , or 2 provide contrast & balance in a mix , it sounds & feelz like a technical exercise rather than a journey, imho.

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1 hour ago, phudoshin said:

i disagree.. i think Ae and Afx catalogs are so far ranging in styles that mixes i have enjoyed do tend to journey through their tracks nicely



afx yeah. sure he has his signature moves, but almost every album/ep sounds like it could have been made by a different artist, with ae, you kinda know what you're getting.

(that isn't a slight against ae, btw. they've definitely had the stronger output of the two artists these last few years)

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