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Steven Rutter - Riddle Me Sane (FireScope)


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Steven Rutter, formerly of B12, is releasing his third album on December 7th.

Riddle Me Sane will hit the shelves via Rutter's own label, FireScope Records. It spans ten tracks, with nods to IDM, techno and downtempo. His last album, StarCrossed, a collaboration with UK vocalist Bryonii, came out earlier this year.

Listen to "Going Through Life" from Riddle Me Sane.


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Can someone give me some recommendations from FireScope (even if there are not a lot of releases)? I know some of them already (Morphology's LPs). Is the last John Shima album good? Thank you.

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31 minutes ago, ambient said:

Can someone give me some recommendations from FireScope (even if there are not a lot of releases)? I know some of them already (Morphology's LPs). Is the last John Shima album good? Thank you.

Darren Nye - Emotional Intelligence is a must.

Shima is always great.

Also BrainFog by Rutter.

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Hey hey !!!
The vinyl for riddle me sane was so awful I have rejected every single copy.
I have been told that the factory will be repressing them on 9th December, so I am hoping they stick to their word and then get them shipped over to me and out to you ...
I’m so sorry for another delayed release 😞
Really messed up everything!

This was posted on the 8th.

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