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Autechre - PLUS 20.11.20


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29 minutes ago, ignatius said:

this album is so good. just what i needed.  

thnks  autechres.  

on my first listen, some tracks made me think "it souds like ignatius stuff"  (no joke 😉)

the first two ones i guess

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I couldn’t give this a close listen, but the ending of TM1 sounded like the hoary ghost of Viral Rival falling off the side of a precipitous mountain after a rare moment of negligence by RoboCop, only different. 

edit: in a good way

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35 minutes ago, Boxus said:


first listen, on ecol4 right now and this is my fav so far, this track is incredible

agreed.  i said (accidentally in the sign thread) that 7FM ic was early fav but I might have to change - ecol4 on headphones just completely blew me away

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