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Autechre - PLUS 20.11.20


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Tons of familiar sounds in ecol4, still sorting them all out. I think it would fit right in on NTS.  Around 10 mins there's that coughing snare from osla for n and glos ceramic, like the latest incarnation of it. Love that shit! 
And something right in the beginning sounds like prac-f? I think? Maybe deco loc ?


EDIT: definitely prac-f

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still absorbing this all but I am immediately obsessed. ecol4, X4, and TM1 have got to be up there in the pantheon of their finest output. just incredible tracks, I love how much they develop and change over the extended durations. the rhythms in X4... god damn. reminds me of lentic catachresis in parts. also really feeling the rough, heavy percussive sound on the first 3 tracks.

when exai came out I made this max patch to play the wavs and run them through my spectrogram generator and ever since I like to use it for my first listen whenever new autechre digis drop. PLUS spectrograms were lush!


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5 minutes ago, Chabraendeky said:

that's so dumb...

seemed inevitable.. but i didn't expect it to happen on day one of the release of PLUS. some parts sound pretty interesting but i only scanned through it.  

I really like to stripped down nature of these releases by themselves. PLUS is perfect imo. all the sounds occupy the right amount of space.  


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8 hours ago, eclipsis said:

ii.pre esc = esc desc remix

seems like PLUS might be SIGN remixed (to some extent), i've noticed even more familiar moments

i thought "pre esc" so esc desc demo?

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I'm not sure what just happened, but yesterday I was finding PLUS a little too chilly and alien. It reminded me of the Confield/Draft 7.30/Untilted days in all the wrong ways.*

This morning, listening to it again, it's suddenly just clicked. I think it's just incredible! And yes, X4 is a stone cold, all-time classic!

I'm kind of hoping this is going to happen with SIGN at some point too, but I suspect that may take longer. Initially it hit me like Oversteps 2.0, but I haven't really gone back to it the way I did with previous albums.




* I should point out that I was no longer "getting" Autechre back then. I'm better now... 😄

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This is clicking with me less than sign did on the first couple of listens, need more time with it. Right now, i'd probably be in the minority who'd defend sign over this

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