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Autechre - PLUS 20.11.20


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I put it on today and had a fresh experience with it, about a year since the last listen. Just on reading the last page I see a few are in agreement about the middle of this album being total standout material, beginning with ecol4 and (for me) coming down four tracks later with ii.pre esc. These tracks are mind-blowing and share so much detail and space together that were they actually a 4-track EP, I would find it flawless as Envane.

And after all of that, to end with TM1 open is a power move and an absolutely bonkers track and what I want more of from them. Brilliant in a nearly different direction. This album has realllllly sunk in for me and it's a new favorite. Glad others love it too.

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Finally revisited PLUS on a drive last weekend and absolutely loved it. I thought I'd grown tired of it a little, or felt that it was a little incoherent, but now it sounded absolutely fresh. I'd forgotten how good the tracks are and how much is going on in them. A bit of the acid jumped a little more into the foreground too. X4 is a beast, always get some vibe that it's somehow competing with drukqs

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The cover feels like a crown of laurels and if there's anyone in music who deserves to rest on their laurels it's The Brothers 'chre-amazov

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