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Autechre - PLUS 20.11.20


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Finally revisited PLUS on a drive last weekend and absolutely loved it. I thought I'd grown tired of it a little, or felt that it was a little incoherent, but now it sounded absolutely fresh. I'd forgotten how good the tracks are and how much is going on in them. A bit of the acid jumped a little more into the foreground too. X4 is a beast, always get some vibe that it's somehow competing with drukqs

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1 hour ago, eclipsis said:

You know that one? 😮

I do in fact! I used to have a copy and a bunch other Czech jazz rock LPs (stuff like Energit, Modrý Efekt & Radim Hladík, Pavol Hammel, Marián Varge, Radim Hladík  Na II. Programe Sna, etc.) but sold many of them because needed monies for expensive Autechre LPs PLUS jazz-rock isn't my main genre anyway. Can't have it all. 

Don't want to derail this thread too much though! 

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