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Autechre - PLUS 20.11.20

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1: Damn moneygrab.


2: Damn this preview sounds promising.

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1 hour ago, auxien said:


i'm goin in

came out alive. good shit. not sure about a few things after first listen but need time to  a b s o r b 

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This has to eclipse keyosc and L—event for best watmm meme acknowledgement. A+ toplel



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Wow, I feel so spoiled. Still diving into SIGN.

Immediate reaction is lol @ the cowbell. It's reminding me of Confield in places.

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53 minutes ago, jaderpansen said:

ok i have to say on first listen those sign style tracks (lux, ii, esle) seem a bit of p(l)ace tbh.

I got to agree but I can't complain, I'm so stocked, love both albums !

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Regardless of whether you like PLUS or not, it does make a very compelling contrast to SIGN. Maybe reordering the tracks from both albums into a playlist would be a pretty cool experience.

Off topic: I still can't understand how AE can put out two albums in the space of a month, BOC can't put out a single fucking track in seven years. It's gonna be the same as TH - they set themselves up to fail by making the wait too long and consequently giving fans unrealistic expectations.

I'm off to make my PLUSIGN playlist.


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