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Autechre - PLUS 20.11.20


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If you invert the SIGN album cover colors, you get this. Really close to where they landed, only I think the blue is a little more fitting. I kind of wish they just rotated the 4 ae bean shapes into a different configuration. Interesting choice...




edit: might as well invert 1 of the star photos for PLUS...



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Oh hell yeah boys, what a great surprise today!

This is an excellent counterpart to Sign, still accessible but definitely jammier and weirder.

And fucking lol at Sign Plus --> Sean pls

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1 hour ago, Hugh Mughnus said:

Ok so going off the theory that these are collectively considered their 14th album... what exactly were the 12th and 13th? Exai was 11. But nts, live sets, elseq etc don’t have LP catalogue numbers right? 

doesn’t rlly matter to me I’m just wondering 

Autechre - SIGN WARP329 ... 3+2+9 = 14
Autechre - PLUS WARP338 ... 3+3+8 = 14

Autechre - elseq 1-5 WARP512
Autechre - NTS Sessions WARP364 ... 3+6+4 = 13

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Just now, Nenlow66 said:

Fingers crossed for blue, indigo and violet soon 

Maybe next time around. For now, we have the two new albums promised. And this second one arrived available for sale not long after the first arrived in my mailbox, maybe a week. I call that spoiling us fans and thanking us for our dedication/obsession/whatever you want to call it

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2 hours ago, fumi said:

Regardless of whether you like PLUS or not, it does make a very compelling contrast to SIGN. Maybe reordering the tracks from both albums into a playlist would be a pretty cool experience.

Off topic: I still can't understand how AE can put out two albums in the space of a month, BOC can't put out a single fucking track in seven years. It's gonna be the same as TH - they set themselves up to fail by making the wait too long and consequently giving fans unrealistic expectations.

I'm off to make my PLUSIGN playlist.


pleasantly surprised by SIGN and actually even more annoyed by the lack of BoC.  I've already tried to accept, over the past 15 years, that we'll never hear the pre-Twoism stuff but seriously why are they not releasing any new music by this point?  I know that artists don't have an 'obligation' to their fans but when you look at Aphex's soundcloud or Ae's release schedule, I dunno . . . they could at least communicate with the fans, or something?  I wouldn't even mind if they just explained the gap

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