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Ableton Live 11


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2 hours ago, auxien said:

you can do a decent amount of step editing after playing the notes in to a clip...but currently, as far as i can tell, you have to play things in manually first. 

you can get into some entry level iPhones and iPads for 300-400 bucks. which definitely ain't cheap, but it's not world-ending pricing either (plus, there's used options of course). the app itself is 5.99. much cheaper than Live. (edit: i'm honestly surprised the app isn't $20 - $50 given how full-formed it already is on day one, and Ableton's premium pricing for Live)

How the app can communicate with Live is really neat

Maybe I'll get it on my sister's family's ipad. Let the nephew play with it.

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Totally missed this on its initial release but ableton put up a package called Building Max Devices containing lessons to help teach people how to build max for live devices, also comes with 90 example devices. I'm just about to install the pack but already quite excited about this as, even though a lot of info is already out there I felt there was quite a gap between very basic info and delving deep into the max forums, the various books that are available and a number of in some cases slightly obscure websites that are spread all over and this pack seems to offer a sort of middle-ground that's nicely contained.

This playlist has overview videos for all the lessons: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLoh4MB-kbBmI1pXYI4M1jX2_5xpMNS-g-

The pack: https://www.ableton.com/en/packs/building-max-devices/




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I need to learn Ableton Live much more. 

I just order a book called The Music Producer's Creative Guide to Ableton Live 11 by Anna Lakatos. 

I hope I can learn basics and deep stuff from it. It is a pretty advanced DAW

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