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Terrence Dixon - From the Far Future Pt. 3 (November 20th)

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''Tresor Records proudly announces From The Far Future Pt. 3, a new album from Terrence Dixon. Continuing the story of his previous two iterations on this title, spanning 3 vinyl discs, it is a serene undertaking of unrivalled Motor City rhythms and sound. It finds the Detroit producer oscillating, from excursions in paradises of synth pointillism to husky storytelling and Dixon’s peculiar beat work. A master in letting shapes find their form, Dixon allows the listener to wallow in recurring scenes. Lost Communication Procedure, Found In Space and Remarkable Wanderer etch a sound world of choral vibrations and cinematic dirge. Where gaseous clouds scrape the natural sonic pastures of such environments, the hypnotized listener staggers a drunken step, moving sideways by 0 or 1 or -1 into new scenes. Not least an expert in industrial abstraction, a human silhouette permeates Dixon’s sound. His ethereal storytelling portrays the heart-rending romance of Unconditional Love and unearths in I’m Away In Detroit monologuing moodscapes recalling our GPS voice assistants. Out of Darkness initial recalls Kraftwerk’s Geiger counter, as from pure signal data and feedback spells an unceasing locomotive wormhole. Hazy, dense grooves drive across bleak city scenes in We Can Rebuild Him, into the raw vibe of Framework and the rude stabs of Spectrum of Light. The varying presence of Dixon's work is one of his textural signatures, at arm's length, brushing right within, and far out. The bumping mood of Earth Station is one such moment, close enough to isolate the diving bass somewhere within, simultaneously from afar it becomes positively gravitational. The first two records of the series are rightfully considered among the finest embodiments of contemporary minimalism, symbolic documents of afro-futurism. This new work revives the classic series, continuing the relationship between Tresor and the undisputed master of Detroit techno into the present day.''

Some bits here.


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4 hours ago, Extralife said:

Love the first two parts...sure this will be no different. 

Anyone here check his album from earlier this year on Axis? It was really great.


I've been picking up the Millsart releases on Axis, but need to check this and the other releases out. 

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2 hours ago, Extralife said:

These sound really great. Definitely more fleshed out than the Axis release.


Maybe I'm a bit hard, but in comparison the stuff on Galactic Halo sounds like some kind of draft.

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22 minutes ago, Jafs said:


Maybe I'm a bit hard, but in comparison the stuff on Galactic Halo sounds like some kind of draft.

Might be, but you have a point. I did enjoy the simplicity of the Axis one though.

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