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13 hours ago, Alzado said:

Goddamn these synths are lush.The vocal would benefit from being set apart a bit from everything else in the mix. It seems buried a bit. But the track itself is really lush. 


I prefer having the vox lower in the mix, they're just another element there.

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Finally got some free time and inspiration for making some tracks.

Just a simple breakbeat jam:

House or whatever? Used pretty much the same synths and drums as above but a bit more complex arrangement I guess:

More retrowavish or something..?


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Quite happy with how this turned out. I don't have super good monitoring but I did the basic mix with my KRK monitors and then used like 3 different headphones to find out any shit I didn't notice. It was an ok approach I guess. Pls let me know how the low end sounds though, I'm not 100% sure if it's on a good level.

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