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Merry Covidmas-19! How unrecognizable can we make it instead of just letting go of the past?


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Demented tidings to all!  This is going to be the most fucked-up Christmas since the original. 





















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I’ve actually heard some people say, “Christmas is ruined!”  
To them I say, “how fucking old are you?” The only thing you should worry about is making sure your kids have a great Christmas or go fuck yourself. 

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Serving everyone beans on toast this year.

Going to spend all morning acting like a typical Christmas dinner is being done, but go all in with a big bag of crack and a gallon of bourbon behind the kitchen door.

Rational self interest.


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covidmas fills me with abstract complex feelings, i just don't know how to handle them

i didn't go home for the holidays last year because of work. two years in a row not seeing my family or the rural area i was born in...do i feel bad about this? do i feel bad about some positive emotion that i'll be missing out on? or rather do i feel bad in a more compensatory sense, at the recognition that i don't feel much of anything about all this, or about anything that's happened this year? all my life concepts like "family", "homeland", "holiday", "tradition" have felt like the remnants of last night's party seen the next day - a party i never actually attended, but heard that it was a real banger. it was over by the time i got there. the hidden promise of 2020's accelerationist fever dream - the collapse of western civilization and/or the expediated push into a brave new world of atomization, digitization, and the final erosion of concepts like "family". It's not so much that I fear the possibility of these things - rather I fear my lack of anticipation for them, the lack of a prevalent sense that anything could feel significantly different. it's not so bad, though. it's a sign of maturity, to be stuck in comlexity

i'd get drunk alone on the holiday, but i don't drink. rather i'd get more intoxicated by letting every holiday pass with no outward acknowledgement of any sort. like passing by a former lover on the street, not slowing down, not making eye contact, not feeling anything at all. emergent homogenizing machine consciousness 2020, spaceship earth, greyscale world

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I can't remember the last time I did anything special or interesting for xmas. In 2014 I had a cancer surgery on 12/24 and that kind of ruined the holiday season for me.. I had already become pretty disenchanted with it but since then I just plain don't like it.

However.. I do still like new year's eve. I appreciate that it's a holiday without all the religious and cultural trappings of most others, and it's just everybody getting drunk because of numbers.

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Crappy holidays, mouth breathers! Remember to fill your ears with the merry sound of the many watmm xmas comps and rejoice. Secrete Santa is long dead, but music is forever.



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