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Album of the year 2020

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Yeah, I know it's early, but it's always so nice to pick up some of the goodies I've missed, so do your thing WATMM!

PS! Gonna post my list later.

PPS! Yes you can also post your favorite EP, maxi-single and what not.

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Listed and counted all Nominations in this Thread. There were a total of 926 Votes over 715 Unique Nominations. Link to Google Sheets Document So without further ado: WATMM Best Music Release of

obviously https://clowncore.bandcamp.com/album/van  

Digitonal - Set The Weather Fair (Just Music) Sunwarper & Cpektir - Lunar Ghosts (Audionautic) Halt - Memory Fields (Erbium) Monolake - Archaeopteryx (Imbalance Computer Music) M-Seq - Metablast (

Posted Images

Magic Oneohtrix Point Never

Archaeoptryx (monolake)

Visions Of Bodies Being Burned (clipping.)

Singn/ plus (ae)

File Under UK Metaplasm (rian treanor)

Karma & Desire/ 88 (Actress)

A View Of U (Machinedrum)

Fragments (The Black Dog)

Be Up A Hello (Squarepusher)

Horta Proxima (Morphology)



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Still have some records to listen to, so for now :

Synalegg - Beating the Odds
William Fields - Traction
Kindohm - Desrted / Reclaimed
Jam City - Pillowland
EVOL - Goofy Tape

On the fence regarding Rian Treanor and Gabor Lazar LPs, I guess my expectations were absurdly high.

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51 minutes ago, Nil said:

Still have some records to listen to, so for now :

Synalegg - Beating the Odds
William Fields - Traction
Kindohm - Desrted / Reclaimed
Jam City - Pillowland
EVOL - Goofy Tape

On the fence regarding Rian Treanor and Gabor Lazar LPs, I guess my expectations were absurdly high.

Gabor sounded bland from the first single on tbh, treanor definetely delivered a banging album

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So far... will update later


iTAL tEK - Outland (plus Dream Boundary EP)

Autechre - Sign / Plus

Salac - Illicit Rituals

GRUNT - Spiritual Eugenics

Red Team - Red Team

Polypores - Tempus

Minced Oath - Supervene

Shackleton / Zimpei - Primal Forms

Kjostad - Extinctionist

Melted_self - ONE.LINE

Disgusting Cathedral - Adventurers Despised and rejected

Boxcutter - Béaloideas

Himukalt - Sex Worker II

Nathan Fake - Blizzards

White Maiden - Rhine Maidens in Cut Glass

Blood and Dust - Rights of Blood and dust

Lee Riley - Isolated Skies

wAgAwAgA - Omkajikijai

Rob Clouth - Zero Point

Richard Fearless - Deep Rave Memory

Eros Catheter - Medusa Configuration


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Lucidvox - We Are (Fucking incredible Russian female psych-rock)

Full Circle - From Knowhere (weird fugged out blended Goa trance)

Autechre - Sign

Romeo Poirier - Hotel Nota (prob the closest to early 00's Jelinek but sunnier)

Vladislav Delay, Sly & Robbie - 500 Push-Up

Squarepusher - Lamental EP (much prefer to BUAH)

Lorenzo Senni - Scacco Matto (even if the treble kills my tinnitus)

Dijit - Hyperattention: Selected Dijital Works Vol. 1 (stunning Egyptian beats)

Nozomu Matsumoto - Sustainable Hours (beautiful minimalist installation pieces - kind ambient)

DJ Python - Mas Amable

dgoHn - Undesignated Proximate

Beatrice Dillon - Workaround

Rian Treanor - File Under UK Metaplasm



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Ulla - Tumbling Towards A Wall

Cindy Lee - What's Tonight To Eternity

Wire - Hive Mind

Squarepusher - Be Up A Hello

Ben Bondy & Exael - Aphelion Lash

CS + Creme - Snoopy

Seltene Erden - Scorched Erden

Aleksi Perala - Spectrum

Shinichi Atobe - Yes

Critical Anmesia - s/t

Jon Collin & Demdike Stare - Sketches of Everything

1995 Epilepsy - s/t

Autechre - SIGN/PLUS

Air Krew - Discuss And Come Back

Zoviet France - Russian Heterodoxical Songs

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Some titles not previously mentioned that alleviated this hellish year:

and some timely reissues:


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1. How I'm Feeling Now (XCX)

2. Fetch the Bolt Cutters (Apple)


4. AE_Live 2016/2018

5. Dark Hearts (Annie)


Best singles: Girl of My Dreams (Donny Benet); Impact (SG Lewis, Robyn & Channel Tres)

Best EP: LS16 (exm) & Wasted Youth (Diana Gordon) were aight

Best debut album: Made for This (JK-47)

Best chart hits: Say So & Supalonely


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Autechre - Sign/Plus/Live16&18

Atom™ - ❤️


Rian Treanor - File under UK metaplasm

Synalegg - Beating the odds

Mantle of Gets - Sba Per/Puffing like an Adder/Vanity Board

Powell - aƒ19 ➜ multiply the sides_lp/aƒ18 ➜ flash across the intervals_lp

Doline - Vieux Nous (fantastic EP, massively slept on)

edit : Also,

Squarepusher - Be Up A Hello

dgoHn - Undesignated Proximate

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Machinedrum, A View of U
Real Estate, The Main Thing
Matthieu Faubourg, Simplicity Is The Ultimate Sophistication
Andrea, Ritorno
Kelpe, Run With The Floating, Weightless, Slowness
Grimes, Miss Anthropocene
Kelpe, If Not Now When
Grant, Perception
Move D & Benjamin Brunn, Let's Call It A Day
Shinichi Atobe, Yes
Crackazat, Valentine EP

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autechre - live16/18, sign, plus

shackleton/zimpel - primal forms

jim o'rourke - shutting down here, steamroom 47

soft pink truth - shall we go on sinning

matmos - the consuming flame

silvia tarozzi - mi specchio e rifletto

morton feldman - piano (played by  philip thomas)


(probably forgot some)

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      you will notice the distinct absence of elseq and that is because I don't consider it an "album". Ae seem to be moving away from that concept entirely and I'm keen to see where it goes. but all things equal, I do consider elseq the best music of 2016.
      honourable mention to Andy Stott - Too Many Voices. this still has some classic Andy moments but it's a bit inconsistent and it hasn't pulled me like his other works. it may grow on me. some killer tracks for sure though but not solid through and through. the opening track is one of the most annoying things I've heard all year.
      dishonourable mention to Machinedrum - Human Energy. ffs. yeah it's good but I fucking hate it.
      also, I just realised there was a new Sepalcure LP this year and I haven't even spent any time with it. damn.
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