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The Golden Donna - The Truth About Love EP (Vinyl Crowdfund)


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Golden Donna - The Truth About Love EP

To paraphrase a recent interview, Joel Shananan's music feels almost haunted. There’s certainly a darkness at play, the layers feel as heavy as a weighted blanket but rich and viscous like swimming upstream. Liquid tones quiver in close proximity, their chord clusters morphing like murmurations of starlings... The Truth About Love EP takes you on a journey.

12” Gold color vinyl (33 rpm) on Mighty Force Records

Needs 100 backers to get pressed. Currently at 53/100 with 12 days to go.


Track Previews at qrates site

A Side

The Truth About Love

B Side

Face Yourself
Blue Spirit Calling
Revealing Encounters
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Just 28 to go!  Preorders receive a bonus digital track. Preview of it now up on the qrates...

the golden Donna track on the mfacid 1 ep is my favourite song out of all four volumes. So psyched for this. 

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Thanks for the tip: Joel is a sweet human being who also makes killer fucking tunes and throws amazing, high-energy live shows. Had the privilege to see him *twice* at my favorite place in the whole world (Rozz-Tox, QC) and always loved hanging with him and chatting with him. Excited for adding this to my vinyl collection: it will earn a pride of place among my faves, instantly. 

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