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Luke Abbott - Translate

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1 hour ago, Extralife said:


Luke Abbott just released his first new album in several years. That is a special event in my life.

Late contender AOTY, folks.

Sorry for my ignorance - new artist for me. Where should I start my journey? 

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August Prism = wow, what a closer. 

As much as I enjoyed his recent soundtrack forays, it’s really nice to see him getting back to making tracks again.


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5 hours ago, Soloman Tump said:

Luke Abbott is from the Border Community school, alongside James Holden and Nathan Fake.


Heh ok I thought I was crazy but I started listening through Holkham Drones last night and it sounded so much like Nathan fake but I didn’t want to post that here 😂

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7 hours ago, endera3rd said:

Four Tet’s favorite Ae album is Oversteps



Wrong answer. But he’s right about the Luke Abbott LP - it is “crazy good”.

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Well, I haven't listened to his latest release yet but went off the recommendation of Holkham Drones and it's a beast! 

Will definitely be giving Translate a listen now.

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