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3 hours ago, iococoi said:

yah! shirt-bundle would be nice though & was hoping for a R&S release - he/she/it was on that 'in order to care'-comp.

Yeah R&S would be cool but Astrophonica has put out some incredible releases this year. 

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21 minutes ago, species8472 said:

yeah, if you just discovered this guy and like vinyl - his previous releases are pretty much impossible to get.

I've been buying the releases as they've come out, but as a vinyl addict in remission I'm always checking the prices habitually - I wonder what the pressing quantity is for each.

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i would love a copy of the tape - but the prices are absolute insanity on it.

i don't think astrophonica press too many - i'd guess max 300. i remember the excellent dgohn release from last year was nearly impossible to get as soon as it was released.

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7 minutes ago, Nil said:

Couldn't grab a copy. Crossing fingers it'll get digitally released, eventually.

It says "releases July 9, 2021" on the Bandcamp page. Oh, and "vinyl only."

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