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Aleksi Perälä - Midnight Sun


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This album deserves its own thread


This is special.


Crazy spastic drum breaks mixed with Colundi microtunings and tribal bongo beats.


A brand new direction (not just for Aleksi, but for music), I’ve never heard anything like it


Please give it a listen, this is wild and beautiful. :)

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I already have so much of his music but he keeps on coming up with new twists. With the insane volume of music he puts out not all of it is great but at his best I'd say he's my favorite electronic musician at the moment.

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10 hours ago, Braintree said:

I'm glad he chose to change it up and try something new. I love the colundi stuff but it was starting to wear thin.

Not enough variation between the releases equates to “too many” of em’, for my tastes for sure...

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it's a weird one. like he's working forward and backwards simultaneously.. gonna reach back and connect the streams of colundi and astrobotnia.

i just remember i saw him for that planet mu tour way back w/dmx krew and mike p. at the casbah in san diego.. mike's computer crashed like 30 times. early days of laptop hi jinx. 


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  • Rubin Farr changed the title to Aleksi Perälä - Midnight Sun

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