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Aleksi Perälä - Midnight Sun


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2 hours ago, dr lopez said:

in general the midnight sun 4 EPs were pretty poor, except for the last one. the 5s were ok and 6 is getting back to 4A

I had like 4 tracks from 6 that I thought were great. 

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10 hours ago, zazen said:

If I was just going to get one of the Midnight Sun albums, which would it be?


and ... who here has been to Finland?

Pick up all the “pay what you can” albums/eps now. And then go from there. I recommend paying 3.03. 8.08 or 9.09

I’ve been to Helsinki a couple times. 

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On 1/19/2021 at 7:50 PM, hayhook said:

0:36:28 19-63 = FI3AC2040140
0:44:59 21-05 = FI3AC2040180
0:50:48 20-49 = FI3AC2037130
0:55:20 07-31 = A track from ’Northern Lights’
1:01:13 22-19 = FI3AC2036030
1:05:51 21-90 = FI3AC2036020

So, Is "Northern Lights" the next album/series after "Midnight Sun"?

I'm gonna go out on a limb and conclude that Midnight Sun has set.

And at some point we'll be seeing some Northern Lights...

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this one is really really great. brings me back to the golden era of IDM, so happy-making. tracks like this were why i came to this godforsaken site in the first place!

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I'm really hoping someone with more ability than me makes a megamix of the MS series (besides the one already posted in this thread). So many fookin bangers.

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