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post your favorite hi hats


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The hi hat pattern is so stuck in my brain that sometimes I kind of whistle it while doing something and it's been like that since the 90s

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25 minutes ago, auxien said:

(Xtal's might be the same as that Polygon Window track in fact?)


def feels like the same setup for these tracks. xtal is the superior track by a long shot : )

58 minutes ago, brian trageskin said:



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When I think "hi-hat", this I always the first track that comes to mind. The way it mutates throughout the track, but especially from 4:50 onwards, when it sets in after the break, then switches gears a couple of seconds later, only to lift off into the ether. Gets me every time.

It's hard to find a version online that does the effect justice, but I you have an uncompressed version of the track you probably know what I'm talking about. You can sort of perceive it here: 


Also this, naturally:





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