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2021 most anticipated releases


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It's that time of the year so here we go :

AFX : Praying for a new album, the long awaited tapes, anything really...

BOC : one can dream 

AE : You never know with them, so why not ?

Squarepusher : same thing, pretty curious about the acid jam he posted earlier this year, maybe a new Chaos A.D. LP ?

Lanark artefax : long awaited LP

Gerald Donald  : any new project would be welcome (pretty hyped by the Tactical Airspace with various collaborators including Cygnus)

Quirke : Lp or Ep pls

Nil : pls

Le Dom : LP/EP, new music pls

Probably many more...


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Wishful thinking as I have no clue what's planned or not :

Autechre : can we ever get enough ae ?
that mystrerious Cybotron LP that was supposed to be released in 2020. That 2 minutes long live vid at Dekmantel is banana
Barker, 'nuff said.
Gabor Lazar : he planned to write a new LP by the end of 2020, and the previews of his new Max patches sounded awesome
Rian Treanor, even if I've yet to gel with his last one
My 3 very favorite techno producers RrosePeter Van Hoesen and Sciahri : nothing announced but they're productive so eh
I need some new TCF
Anything from Conditional really
Kindohm : Mike, I need my fix :) 
Vladislav Delay/ Ripatti on Planet Mu
I need some quality guitars so True Widow and MBV (wasn't an LP rumored for 2020/2021 ?)

and fuck yes, Lanark Artefax, please.

@d-a-m-o & @Stickfigger thank you so, so, so much. I've completed an ultimate [~]'s mix/master revision weeks ago, and it was supposed to be released like erm... now. And it's driving me nuts. I've started working on another EP, and want / need to complete loads of tracks, so hopefully 2021 here I come. Thanks again, it means A LOT (really).

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Game of Thrones season 9

48 minutes ago, manmower said:

10 more Taylor Swift surprise albums and re-recordings of her old stuff

i read that she's re-recording the old stuff because she doesn't own the masters and they were sold to some asshole or something. it was one of those music industry copyright focused things about how masters get bundled up and sold so they can be used to generate revenue for the rights holder.  shady shit. i guess some less than awesome person had acquired her masters and flipped them for big dollars. the only way she can own those songs is to re-record them or something. loopholes exist i guess. 

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ae ep  - pre - late 2021 - tour buzz generator.

something from aphex.. full length lp perhaps

would love an exm release ep or full length

a new Phoenecia release would be great. 2021 will be 10 years since the last one (demissions) which seems the amount of time between albums for them. 


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Genghis Tron
AE, Aphex, BOC, Squarepusher, Datachi
maybe some Tim Hecker?
Astrid Sonne
VHS Head
Andy Stott
Lukid and/or REZZETT maybe?
Claude Speeed
Calum Gunn
NHK Koyxen
Demdike Stare
Kelly Moran is working on a new one
r beny
maybe Radiohead has one more good album in them? maybe? probably not? can hope...

and maybe one day Portishead will put out a new one?

and some former/current people from around here: Rime Trails, Melted_Self, ecz, Yr Helyg, Trackermatte/Rolando, eryngi, ignatius, surely others...

honestly would love something good from everyone above but also very much looking forward to all the new stuff that'll surely pop up out of nowhere 🙂

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@auxienOh yes, some new Sendai material would be amazing. Have you listened to Yves de Mey's recent release on Superpang ?

By the way, how could I forget Superpang !? Fascinating imprint.

And damn, my first post was so incomplete : anything new from Aisha Devi would be fantastic. Same goes for Caterina Barbieri.

Regarding AFX, it's the first time in decades I don't expect anything from him. Wait, now that I think about it : SAW3. Richard pls. Oh yes, pls.

Also :
Core Alter
Colin Dyer

some mysterious collabs I've heard bits of that will definitely be stellar
anything awesome I'll discover from you guys really, so many super talented chaps here. I know I forget many of you in my list above, I still have tons of WATMM tunes / artists to discover.

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