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Sleepy Town Manufacture - Memorabilia 2 (Sealt)

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Sealt is a curious Russian label (with just a couple of mentions here on WATMM) releasing unique limited edition pressings from various electronic artists, e.g. Volor Flex is hazy Burial-ish two-step garage; Ambidextrous should be a familiar name to some with his cinematic ambient works on different labels. Too bad a lot of the releases haven't had full digital releases, but especially the newer ones are also available in digital. Highly recommended.

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Seeing as this is a compilation this is truly a trip to yesterdays as that may be the music presented here is still as wonderful as ever! A comfy star blanket on a crystal clear summer night's sky, shiny sparkly full of wonder and awe. Sleepy Town Manufacture are so underrated, perfect chillin' electronica/idm, it makes me nostalgic about their netlabel days on Sutemos and Monotonik. 
Check it!
Also https://dirtyowl.bandcamp.com/

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