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Metal lyrics that don't quite hit the mark.

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    • By auxien
      they've got a new one coming out this year. working with an actual drummer this time so we'll see how that changes their sound, new vocalist too, and still no bass player listed, who knows.... always cautious about any band that goes away for 10 years then comes back (especially with a drastically different lineup) but....nonetheless i'm looking forward to this and hopeful.
      they posted a tiny clip to Instagram, not sure how that's gonna embed or link out so whatever
    • By Tim_J
      so, it's been some time now since i downloaded this but only today i played it and this is lush af, give it a listen if you're into the stuff i tagged... cherry on top of the cake - the greatest morgan agren on drums!

      btw here's a list of every artist morgan played with:

      Frank Zappa
      Devin Townsend
      Fredrik Thordendal
      (of Meshuggah)
      Crimson ProjeKCt
      (Adrian Belew, Tony Levin)
      Bill Laswell
      Tosin Abasi
      Steve Vai
      Trey Gunn
      Henry Kaiser
      Glenn Huges
      Dale Bozzio
      Mike Keneally
      Denny Walley
      Dweezil Zappa
    • By Entorwellian
      Vocals are one of the more precarious elements that someone can perform in an IDM track. Quite a few artists have ruined their careers just from adding vocals in, even if they are semi-good, and never recovered (Cex, Tycho, some other ones in the EDM community). Hell, Squarepusher was lucky to get out unscathed from doing F-Train on Do You Know Squarepusher. Even as an instrument, over-reliance of vocal elements in an IDM track make it sound disingenuous to the electronic part of the composition even if they're chopped up or whatever, which is why I can't really get into Holly Herndon's stuff either. I'm not tone deaf and I've written lyrics for other people, but I never could integrate them into my own music deliberately. It's something I really want to do, but I have never found a way to integrate them in a way that didn't sound like they were divorced from the track or have to turn them into a part of the harmony to hide their presence. I've shopped around for singers for my material but not one of them that I met could add anything additional my songs in a way that thought was appropriate or synergistic, and that either the singer was competing with the track or the track was competing with the singer.
      It's something that I play around with in my mind and occasionally sing with some of my tracks off-the-record, but it feels off to add pop-lyrics into something technically inclined and it also feels off being pedantically obtuse to the point of being pretentious for egotistical reasons. Is it possible?!? I'm more just curious with some of the other producers on here if you've wanted to do vocals on your tracks but couldn't for technical reasons, confidence reasons, or whatever.
    • By qualitycontrol
      Chip -> Grind -> Demoscene -> Metal -> ambient / weird
    • By Tim_J
      was trying to find some posts somebody did a while ago about the crowdfunding they did because Mats needed an urgent hearing treatment... btw did any wattmer backed up this kickstarter?
      no luck, i thought it was in one of the Zappa threads but i just can't find it... anyway these guys don't have their own thread and surely they deserve it so here it is...
      they have a new website and every order is free shipping worldwide, which is a pretty fucking cool thing to do... although i'm having a hard time finding out how to select between vinyl and cd, can't find the option anywhere, if anyone finds it out i would appreciate it...
      here's some videos:

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