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Burial - Chemz


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1 hour ago, zero said:

I can't be the only one who mentally associates Burial, Christmas, and a classic watmm post from years back...I'm sure it was @jules who described putting the household to bed, retreating to the study to sit by the fire, sip scotch, and relax with the latest Burial 3 track ep crackling in the background...at least that's how I remember it. I could be completely wrong here and this is a false memory I implanted.

this is why i still look forward to a new burial every year. 
this track does absolutely none of this for me. 

anyway - i am glad lots of people can enjoy this. it just bums me out. 

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Probably all of you are right, those of you who love him and who hate him! Im not a huge fan of his music but I’m still glad he exists! Nothing more.


Leave Britney alone!


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Ok yea, so this is the hardest he’s gone in on the 90s cheese. But at least tastefully. I could not stand Caustro. Rodent was hot trash to me. Subtemple And Beachfires, however, are amongst my favorites. I find it hilarious that he is referencing a part of music that I had to deal with because that was my time. I mean, fuck, this is borderline Snap The Power shit. At the same time, it’s like, damn  who broke your heart so bad, William?

The vocals are so high in the mix that it is fucking grating. Just like the Thom and Fourtet tracks. But I’ll be damned if Her Revolution didn’t grow like a fucking weed. 

Anyway, my only complaint is the low end. Thanks for the crackle. The shuffle is there. Sounds like Burial. Sounds like another shift. But, maybe forgot to push the switch on the 60 hz and below? 

Also, all is forgiven from 8 minutes on. 

But that 9:50 mark.. 

Burial delivers Christmas again. Burial is Santa. 

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Yeah lack of low end bothers me a bit but think its an aesthetic choice..he is going phone speakers on back of bus stylee...infact reminds me more of listening to shitty quality rave tapes with mates on bus to school on shitty Walkman one earphone each! Ahh good old days

Also seem to remember it got a lot of hate at the time but recommend pairing this with his inner city life remix for more of that vibe! 

Ohh and agree on her revolution being a grower...starting to really fall in love with it now (still not really feeling the other track though) 

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22 hours ago, hello spiral said:

Hey! I've been hating him since day one.

hating him before it was cool! pretty progressive tastes ya got there 😉

new track is alright, nothing groundbreaking but its cool

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3 hours ago, kakapo said:

Spiral, are you still working in a prison?  I would've thought this was perfect for bonding with your clients.


DJ Khaled and like 1000 shitty trap and drill rappers are more their speed tbh.

No joke I had a legit bit of baader meinhof phenomenon when I learned DJ Khaled was a thing. At the exact same time I was working in the department that processed parcels coming in for prisoners. And 90% of them suddenly contained Khaled's new CD.

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Burial wrote parts of this on poppers? 

Sounds like he's having a blast and some giggles. Possibly lockdown sent him slightly bonkers? Believe he has his tongue firmly in his cheek. Fun cool track.

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The Burial Christmas thing is real.

Every year, by the time it hits December, he is anxiously eyeing that Advent Calendar knowing he has to deliver the goods to WATMM.

He's probably relaxing now and thinking 'Phew. That's that shit sorted for another year.'

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