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New EP, 6 tracks by me and 6 remixes from some wonderful people!

Vinyl and digital preorders available over at the MBC Bandcamp!!





Thank you for your time and have a wonderful Christmas!


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21 hours ago, Stickfigger said:

Good stuff man


On 12/23/2020 at 9:38 PM, Extralife said:

Sounds real nice.

cheers guys! really proud of this, been a looong time in the making. cant wait to share some more of the tracks with the world..all in good time!

5 hours ago, whosebrian said:

I'm having another listen to these two today :music:

enjoy! p.s. this track is also on the record so make that 3 😉 


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huge thanks to everyone whos supported this so far! just heard word that the EP will be hitting distribution in a week or so, if you're in the states (or anywhere that might have difficult shipping prices from europe right now) it might be best to check your local store's pricing for shipping and stuff vs the bc. when it goes live another track (or two) will go public. ears to the ground!

for the time being, something interesting..slowed baecon3 down by about 10 percent and it sounds kinda neat, originally wanted to have the "faster" tracks on one side at 45rmp so they could be played back at a slower speed but couldnt be done due to runtime and all that..



happy new year, watmm!


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unfortunately, the pressing plant is delaying the record..estimated by approx 20 days 😞

in the mean time, 2 more tracks have gone public for you to put in your ears, im as frustrated by the delay as you are..



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On 6/8/2021 at 2:17 PM, lipsvago said:

Is it going to be available in Europe?

I mean, Clone / Rush Hour / HHV / Subwax / Deejay.de / etc.... the usual suspects.

Many thanks!


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