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Aspirations / resolutions for the year ahead?

I just want to survive.

But, personal goals:

  • Set up my home music / zine studio
  • Explore my new back garden which will be Dartmoor National Park (whoop)
  • Release more Soloman Tump music / refine my "sound" (I have some ideas on this)
  • Volunteer more often - which should be easier for me to achieve now....
  • Changing to an ethical bank - HSBC have really been the pits this year, im finally done with them.

Big up watmm fam. Its been a tricky one. 

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Get vaccinated ASAP.

Save money until travel is possible and then resume traveling and meet my girlfriend I haven't seen in over a year.

Maybe make some musics.

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2020 was top 5 material for me, not for any "omg it was so intense!" reasons, just because i got to stay home all day making music & reading philosophy books & the government paid me for it

2021 plans so far:

-continue letting the government pay me to make music & read philosophy books

-figure out how to make gains if they never open the gyms back up

-spend more time in the woods

-ride the tiger (I've been down too long in the midnight sea)

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2021 plans:

- continue to refine my craft as an artist and musician, including the development of my artistic and professional networks, and what i do with my content after it has been made.

- continue to scale back on my exposure to unnecessary "entertainment".  i want to create more silence and space in my life for my own consciousness instead of turning on mindless noise (like youtube videos while cooking or stretching in the morning).  meditation will be a part of this shift, for sure.

- pursue a deeper level of health and connection with regards to my food and my own cooking.  i'd like to incorporate more probiotics into my life (including getting into fermenting myself) and expand my cooking repertoire.

- re-develop a robust exercise practice.  due to covid and rehab of some chronic injuries, i lost the momentum i had built up in working out at my local gym.  although i've been good in some ways about working on my body during covid, i have lots of room to improve and look forward to figuring that out.

- continue to look inward and work on myself.  2020 was huge for this, and i expect 2021 to further that trend.

- develop deeper connections to the people in my life.  i'm not great at relationship stuff, but i am getting better at it.

there's other stuff but those are the primary goals.



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Lose the weight I gained and gain the muscle I lost.

Make healthier choices.

Get a different job.

Try to finish the projects I've assigned to myself.

Network more efficiently.

Don't contract COVID-19.

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2 minutes ago, Braintree said:

Network more efficiently.

yeah this is a big one for me. working 50+ hours a week as a butcher for a few years really killed off the flow of my socializing. i'd like to get back into it this year now that i'm gainfully unemployed. probably with a new crowd, though - dunno if i want to go back to hanging out at loft noise shows with hipsters in their mid 20s drinking PBR & talking about "the scene" being problematic

as far as health stuff goes i would like to be able to lift weights on the reg again if mufuhs ever open again. have been keeping up the yoga pretty well. getting back into long distance running would be cool (i was doing 60k a week last winter but i had a treadmill as an option). i'm doing aight as far as not gaining weight during the lockdown goes, but i would like to get be able to clearly make out my abs again

gonna be 30 as well which'll be neat

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Continue this year’s only resolution; waste less food. Did okay but there is still room for improvement. 

Besides that I hope to:

Keep the 20-ish kg off that I lost this year and hopefully lose another 8.

Find a new/different job.

Expand diy/electronics knowledge and skills. Started at the beginning of this year and am reasonably happy with the stuff I’ve built but there’s a lot to learn still, obviously. 

Meditate more. 

Drink less. Will do a dry January to symbolise this. 

Maybe try to taper off my drug use a bit. 

Hope everyone has a good one. Looking  forward to a slightly awkward nye celebration that I kinda wanted to spend on my own. 

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Move into new house (doing today)

Get vaccinated

lose 20 lbs

set up new studio

work on mixtapes

start outlines for zines

brush up on Civil 3D

start dating again 

sell old crap no longer needed 

get rid of some vinyl 

learn more gluten free recipes

read new books on my shelf

finish tattoo sleeve

volunteer when it becomes safer to do so

appreciate life every day



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1) Crack how to host my right wing grifter trolling twitterbot in AWS ec2. At the moment it runs locally on my phone and relies on the push notifications, which means I occasionally see their bad and stupid opinions when they pop up on the screen.

2) Get fit

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get vaccinated. 

lose some weight. 

do core work to help my back.

avoid getting a job as long as possible. 

build that max patch. 

collect/deliver on hugs promised during the pandemic. 

learn to be comfortable with having a folder full of finished tracks on the hard drive.

read more books/less time on internet.

connect with people i want to connect with. 

make a will. 

shit on donald trump's grave. 


5 minutes ago, dingformung said:

Can someone send me food thru a tube that goes directly from ur trash in2 my mouth (I'm not picky)? It's not a fetish thing, just trying to save some money

beans and rice and tomatoes are all you need. 

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3 minutes ago, dingformung said:

Yes, though in case of Germany, potatoes are cheaper than beans. Potatoes are like 1€ per kilogram (2 pounds). And they contain a bunch of stuff meat contains as well, they're a good protein source. Potatoes have saved my life (and I wouldn't exist without them). Most of my ancestors lived because someone found potatoes in South America and brought them to Europe to fight the famine.

Generally, people here are weird about combining different "carbs". Potatoes with noodles is a weird thing here, but in Asia it's not unusual. Rice combines unexpectedly well with glass noodles. There is something about the texture of both of them that just works together really well.

And yes, beans are the best thing that exists.

Potatoes are cheap in Finland also, but when I was very low on money in early 2000s I sustained for a couple of weeks on oatmeal which is also super cheap. Granted I lost about 5kg during that month.

Also dried peas are cheap here and you can make pea soup out of them. Just need to let them soak first for a few hours.

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