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Skee Mask B2B Simo Cell - TemeTape 1

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21 hours ago, Rubin Farr said:

split cassette, I believe 

I think its a live b2b set that was recorded to tape. Its not split A side artist and B side Artist.

That's not my understanding anyway, and none of the tracklists on cassette or digital suggest this.

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20 hours ago, chassis said:

I think its a live b2b set that was recorded to tape. Its not split A side artist and B side Artist.

That's not my understanding anyway, and none of the tracklists on cassette or digital suggest this.

Yea, seems that way. Was anyone able to snag one? 

The samples sounds amazing.

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  • 3 months later...

This was great and I thought I should mention:

TemeTape 2 is out now! (needs a new thread in its own right, perhaps I shall make one) Simo Cell with Low Jack and Peverelist, I ordered a copy, looking forward to hearing it when it gets here

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    • By splesh
      The previous instalment in this series, TemeTape 1, featured Simo Cell and Skee Mask doing some excellent stuff with each side a different BPM feel. I've never seen Skee Mask, Low Jack, or Peverelist live yet, sad to say, but I can certainly attest to Simo Cell's excellence as a live DJ who plays a range of fairly eclectic styles in a way that makes them fit together naturally in a way that makes for an awesome dancefloor experience. Already loving productions by all three gentlemen (and I think I've heard a mix or two by Pev besides just Simo Cell), I'm sure I will greatly enjoy these mixtapes

      "Keeping up the proper dancefloor traction of the label’s Simo Cell & Skee Mask sesh and E-Unity 12”, Brittany meets Bristol in a heavyweight showdown for Temetape2, working up one side of ruffly 138bpm steppers and one side of 100bpm (and below) dembow and dancehall mutations from the late ’90s to 2020. The trio's mutual love of Caribbean rhythms, and their diasporic offshoots, means the results are seriously rooted yet wickedly prone to ruder curveballs from the top shelf of both artists’ enviable collections.
      On the A-side Pev & Simo turn the timeline from early ‘00s to 2020 inside out, running killer drums and duppied sound designs from the early heyday of dubstep, thru the infectious percussions of UKF, to grimy breaks and technoid twiss-ups, including no doubt at least one of Pev’s own zingers up in it. With the flipside Low Jack and Simo bring the tempo down a few gears to work around slippery dembow patterns, shuffling up recent gear off Livity Sound with late ‘90s ragga instrumentals, proper, and at least a few of Low Jack’s bashy, dare-to-be-different edits for the meanest sort of clipped dancehall pressure."
    • By eye
      Seems like Ilian dropped a new album out of the blue.
      1. Nvivo 05:33
      2. Stone Cold 369 06:04
      3. LFO 04:54
      4. Rdvnedub 06:12
      5. CZ3000 Dub 06:19
      6. DJ Camo Bro 05:55
      7. Collapse Casual 04:35
      8. Breathing Method 05:55
      9. Ozone 05:32
      10. Rio Dub 05:45
      11. Testo BC Mashup 06:46
      12. Dolan Tours 06:39
      13. Absence 05:15
      14. 60681z 06:16
      15. Crosssection 04:43
      16. Harrison Ford 05:00
      17. Pepper Boys 06:12
      18. Fourth 05:39
      w&p by Skee Mask
      mastered by the Zenker Brothers & Klaus Arnold
      artwork photos by Lara Köcke
      released May 7, 2021
      p&c Ilian Tape 2021
      all rights reserved
    • By dcom
      Looking forward to the Skee Mask remix to drop.
    • By kuniklo
      Looks like two new Skee Mask EPs are out. One beat heavy and the other ambient. Sounding good on first spin:
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