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Where'd this thread go?

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LOL i forgot i put in a ticket when i was trying to figure out how to delete it.

this might get me banned from watmm but i started listening to idm 12 years ago & still haven't gotten around to listening to an autechre album  

It's one thing to delete threads with potentially libelous content e.g. the Cult48 one with unsubstantiated claims of musical theft and insinuations towards a label nothing to do with the issue - but

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Wait. So just like that, the biggest watmm controversy of the year (so far) is quashed. 


And it was just getting exciting 

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1 minute ago, Alcofribas said:

this thread rules

rules the thread

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good timing this thread

edit: where DID it go?


Edited by MIXL2
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4 hours ago, Joyrex said:

Fuck off; I'm 47 - and probably a lot more cognizant than your likely drug-addled mind

Can you stop cyberbullying me?

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