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Cosecha transmisiones


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Just now, NewYorkNowhere said:

Cool but confusing, what exactly is this?

who the fuck knows, I just followed my intuition

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On 1/9/2021 at 10:53 PM, MIXL2 said:

Thing I made.

Looks a bit like a "caracol".

To make it clear, this is the TH promo vid viewed at 360 degrees.. I'm certain BoC meant t to look like this when viwed this way.

Or maybe is unintentional, which mak es it even more magical imo.

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I use an app called music speed changer to slow down and reverse music.

Slowing things down  70% and then reversing reveals a whole new world of sound..

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I should stress I have no clue what all of this is about, I just followed my intuition.

At the very least BoC broke my brain (in a good way)

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