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    • By MIXL2
      Thing I made.
      Looks a bit like a "caracol".
    • By Dragon
      Boards of Canada don't give us answers. They haven't done for years.
      But if you could ask them a question, any question at all, what would it be? Just post them here, or . It's just for fun, really. Something to pass the time before whatever happens. Hell, we might even get a word or two from mdg if we're lucky.
      1. (obvious) Will you ever release anything again?
      2. Do the old cassette releases (Catalog 3, Acid Memories, Play By Numbers etc.) actually exist? They date back to before 1994, which is when the band claim to have started using the name 'Boards of Canada'. It seems physical copies of these releases are so rare, they've never been leaked or even discovered by anyone outside the band (unlike the 'Old Tunes' tapes, which have never been acknowledged by BoC.) Then again, I've seen Hooper Bay listed in an official record price guide...
      3. Who is dominant, Mike or Marcus?
      4. Do you care about what people say about you on internet forums such as these? Do our comments and opinions influence you in any way, or are you just ambivalent to them?
      5. (I totally understand if this needs to be kept secret) What do Hexagon Sun actually do? What is their purpose? How many members does it have, roughly?
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