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SOPHIE - BIPP (Autechre Mx)

hello spiral

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a fucking cold shower. The concomitance with the autechre collaboration (a small satisfaction that she got five years late and a week before leaving) makes it particularly shocking (from my mere perceptive point of course)

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A devastating loss for music.

Sophie was a true original in a world full of copycats and imo the brightest electronic music talent to emerge in the 21st century.

At a time when club music was dark, aggressive, serious and bereft of new ideas Sophie came along with a fresh vision, unheard sounds, a surreal sense of humour and a feeling of exuberance.
I’ll never forget hearing Bipp for the first time and initially thinking I hated it but being so intrigued by it’s uniqueness of sonics and approach that I couldn’t stop listening. My brain took around 5 listens in a row to adjust and I’ve been hooked ever since.
In just a few years Sophie pushed pop, dance and abstract electronic music into previously unexplored territory. They’ll never be the same again, such has been the influence of Sophie’s productions.

It’s a source of joy and excitement in life to know that there are artists out there working on creations that you’ll get to experience some day and there is now an empty space where Sophie’s future music would have been.

Gender identity isn’t something that I think about very much on a personal level but it can only be a good thing if a public figure’s bravery to express themselves freely breaks boundaries and leads to large amounts of people feeling more comfortable and accepting of themselves and/or others.

I was listening to Product and discussing Sophie’s imagination and craft with my girlfriend when I heard the news, it felt like a bad dream then and it still does.
We’ve lost one of the good ones.

RIP SOPHIE, thank you for the music x

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In the remix blurb on they mention "These 3 minutes & 33 seconds of SOPHIE remixed by Autechre have had a long winding path to fruition. A recording of Autechre live, at a Numbers event in Glasgow back in 2005, first inspired SOPHIE to source the equipment used to craft new music including BIPP, LEMONADE & more."

And Interestingly enough in Rhianna tweet about Sophie's passing she posted a picture of Sophie showing her something on one of the Elektron machines. 

 It's funny to think about that musical connection.

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Reminds me of previous remixes such as both of the perfect tracks from Splitrmx12 or Mari Hamada's Aire. Repetitive/catchy structures while very minimalist although creative beat/synth variations are heard. I love how the ambience is just slightly heard only in few moments. It is an approach that i was not used to, and brought back my best 2000's memories. Even though the beat is not very fast or aggressive, it is very complex for me in terms of groove

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