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Plaid - Stem Sell (Remixes Album World Cancer Day)

Touched Music

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6 hours ago, Friendly Stranger said:

Hell yes! This is awesome. This would explain the “next album isn’t on Warp” rumor I read about. 

Is there a link to preorder the vinyl anywhere? 

It'll be on the Touched Bandcamp page on the 4th.

5 hours ago, hayhook said:

Track list?

Hasn't been released, but Martin said nothing from Parts in the Post.

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9 hours ago, sidewinder said:

Track list is in the promo video. I cataloged it on RYM:

Nice one! Awesome to see the Yimino remix coming to vinyl, as well as the Max Cooper remix. Big fan of both! I assume this will only ship out of Europe? Will just have to eat the freight on this one, all for a good cause.

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Wow: fucking gorgeous, Martin and Plaid. And as I said in the other thread on this topic, I'm very eager for this comp., as I've been hoping for a sequel to "Parts..." for some time. You guys kick ass, and I couldn't think of a better home for the release. 

All that said, can you guys just go ahead and open the pre-orders please?! I want to throw my money at you for this, and I'm worried I'll get shut out like I always seem to with your cool limited releases. I'd rather get that over with sooner rather than later. (just kidding about the entitlement here...well, sort of kidding....)

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7 hours ago, Touched Music said:

HI Yes it was Months in the making and so so many emails, but sorted it in the end 

Lucky we had lock down and I had the time to do it.

Plaid Mixlr Event starting on the 3rd of Feb 7,30 Uk Time 


Nice. Could do a great Vibert multi-disc collection with some of the old vinyl only ones too!

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