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RIP Salvatorin

hello spiral

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I'm shocked and saddened. Like many here, I found his comments and unique viewpoints a breath of fresh air and fun. A true counterpoint to my dry, dull posts.

I feel truly sorry for his family who will be trying to deal with a terrible loss right now. 

There is always help out there for you if you find yourself spiraling down a drug hole. If you feel you have nobody to talk to then message me, I'll see what I can do. 


RIP Salvatorin I'm gonna make some music today












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Goddamnit. Like others said, he will be missed as someone who brought unique views and colour to this, and other places. Often I found his posts inspiring and life affirming.

I feel like there's a tree growing from the top of my head.   

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I remember when I first joined watmm way back when - he was an immediate standout. Such a unique and wild character.  He had a very sharp wit and was part of that OG crew but was incredibly welcoming and open. Also, quite a handsome chap. I chatted with him quite a few times and was lucky enough to meet up with him a couple years ago before the Aphex Brooklyn show. He was just as unique in person. He definitely had a way about him. I’m gutted for his friends and family. And that includes his friends and family on bdb and watmm. It’s a loss for all. And he will be missed, no question.

Cheers, Salvy. And rest in peace, brother.



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