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Rhys Celeste - Microlith III / IV / V / VI


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Limited edition pack of 125 hand numbered copies containing four double albums by Rhys Celeste (a.k.a.Microlith) in a beautiful ultra-clear pressing with full transparent plexiglass jacket. It includes the third album that Fundamental Records released by Rhys but also the first three albums he produced at the beginning of his career, which have never been released on vinyl before. Second, with this project Fundamental Records closes the doors after 10 years and after projects like the 808 Boxes, Electric Eclectics and many albums and big projects. As they wanted to release something really special for their last project, a last tribute to Rhys was the perfect way to do it. Words by Alek Stark about this project: “Some of you already know the love I have for the music of Rhys. I have a very deep connection with his music since the first time I listened to it. I can’t imagine a better way to say goodbye to a project that literally took 10 years of our lives. This is the last project of Fundamental Records. We put all we had into every record we released in last years and these records are not an exception. The style of Rhys is incomparable, his style is the perfect balance between electro, acid and idm, something that only a handful can do. We have authorization and full support of the Rhys family to release this third album on Fundamental Records and also the first three albums that Rhys composed during 2015 and 2016. Enjoy these records, this is our last tribute to one of the best. We all miss you brother. Alek Stark - January 2021”


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    • By user303
      Holy shit this is amazing     
      This gonna be a nearly perfect BRAINDANCE release! so stoked! 
      Analogical Force is the force.
    • By Rubin Farr
      No one posted this yet? Physical copies almost gone, there is also a black t-shirt to commemorate the release:
    • By whosebrian
      Double album, 2x12", we will include also an extra 7".
      2x12" white vinyl records 
      7" extra record 
      Clear plexiglass jacket
      Hi-quality T-Shirt

      2x12" yellow vinyl records 
      7" extra record 
      Clear Green Fluo plexiglass jacket


      You can pre-order this album now, available only here:
      [email protected]

      All tracks Written & Produced by Rhys Celeste.
      Mastered by Alek Stark
      Artwork by Alek Stark

      Wisp (https://soundcloud.com/dwaallicht)
      + support from:
      Microlith (https://soundcloud.com/microlith)
      Mutex (https://soundcloud.com/mutex)
      Venue : Liquid Club Malta
      Date : 25th March 2017
      Line Up : Microlith, Mutex, Naqara
      Visuals : In†rσwΣrks
      Ticket Price : €15
      This will be my only other date while across the pond, the first of which being @ Bang Face Weekender... http://www.bangface.com/events/weekender2017/
      Hope to see you there :)
    • By Rubin Farr
      Via CPU.
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