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The KLF - Come Down Dawn


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It's not new. It's an alternate take. Seasoned listeners will notice quite a few new details and the odd omission. They must have remastered it too because it sounds a lot nicer sonically than the original. Cleaner and more detailed.

You can stream it most places but there are also FLAC copies floating around now, presumably lifted from Tidal or QOBUZ.

An incredible album that somehow doesn't seem to age compared to some IDM.

Last month they also released 'Sonic State Logic ' - a collection of singles and other oddities.


Apparently there are more back catalogue gems to come in the months to come.


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23 minutes ago, Extralife said:

Excuse my ignorance - is this an ambient album a la Chill Out?

It's basically a remastered (and quite bit) remixed edition of Chill Out.

This is the original version before samples were added, not an “edit”. It also has additional parts not on the “Chill Out” version and is mixed a bit differently. 

But I really miss the BBC Radio 'Rock Radio' voice of Tommy Vance "Rock Radio...Into the Nineties...And Beyond."

And the Van Halen sample.

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Listened to this, it just feels really weird when I know the old version by heart. I guess it's good, but I don't like it.

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