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Arturia Software 50% Off Until 25 February And More!


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From Engadget:


If you missed Arturia’s Black Friday sale, you now have another chance to get most of its software at a bargain, with the company discounting its softsynths, effects and sound banks by 50 percent until February 25th. As with almost every Arturia sale, two main highlights stand out. The first is its Analog Lab V software, which includes some of the same virtual synths included in the company’s $599 V Collection and doubles as a performance tool and preset browser. Better yet, Arturia recently updated the suite to add 700 new presets. At $199, Analog Lab V was already one of the best value buys in the virtual synth space. At 50 percent off, it’s ever harder to pass up. 

Buy Analog Lab V on Arturia - $99 Buy Pigments on Arturia - $99

The other highlight is Pigments, which is Arturia’s take on a virtual super synth. It comes with multiple engines, effects and modulation settings. It also allows you to mix virtual analog and wavetable oscillators, as well as import your own sounds, making it a powerful music creation tool. You can currently get Pigments for $99, instead of $199.   

The sale coincides with the start of Arturia’s new Sound:uncovered Instagram series, which will see the company show you how to recreate specific sounds with its software. At the moment, it has 13 episodes planned, with each coming in at less than a minute long. The tutorials will cover things from a general perspective, so even if you use a different set of software, you’ll still be able to take something away from the episodes.


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climax ep mc jay j & devious d - different styles ep moving shadow - known:unknown ep moving shadow presents - stage rollcage ii the soundtrack (4xlp) nolige - sci wax 007 12" penny black - uncharted territory vol 1 12" renegade hardware - armageddon 2 (the remixes) renegade hardware - quantum mechanics (1 disc) - future forces & kane - morpheus/dom & roland - extra terrestrial (remix) renegade recordings promo - new horizons (3xlp) rufige kru - beachdrifta 12" sci wax 004 - nolige/fracture 12" sci wax 007 - nolige 12" sci wax 010 - b_key/dub one sci wax 016 - dub one 12" scientific wax - limited 005 (drum cypha/d-fect) scientific wax - sw014 (exclusion principle / equinox) shabba - let's get it on (jungle remixes by shy fx, goldie & dillinja) simon bassline smith - intent ep sm:)e - sm 9013-0 - ny jungle ep soundmurderer & sk-1 - stylee/fathom special red and mad dog - body, mind & soul/rumbled (test press/baby blue vinyl, 150 copies only) suburb base & moving shadow present - the joint lp tear - 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(with enema advert insert)
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