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Dance label R&S Records accused of racial discrimination

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Mr Chaudhuri also alleged that Mr Vandepapeliere refused to sever ties with a recording artist who had placed anti-Semitic messages on Facebook.

One post contained a photograph of Hitler captioned: "You should have listened".

"Remove his track? No way", wrote Mr Vandepapeliere, after being made aware of the messages. "Inform him of the danger - yes".

When Mr Chaudhuri continued to express his unease over being associated with the artist, he was told to "relax a bit".




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On 2/12/2021 at 2:52 PM, xxx said:

I can't find the controversy in his responses. It's weird to say "pure breed black" but if English isn't his first language, it could be some clunky Dutch/English issues. 


Flemish here, can confirm that this is just some dumb mistranslation definitely not meant the way it was. LOL @ 'he thinks of us as horses', geez.

I've been following him (in interviews and stuff) for a few years and my Kevin Bacon number for him is very low, and I must say: he's just not a smart man. He's somewhat of a caricature: very interested in himself, very fond of what he achieved (which is earned, I'd say) and very, very little empathy. The man doesn't get people and subtleties that play outside of his own head, and neither does he get the feeling of the people accusing him of whatnot. That's not to say that he's wrong and they are right (hell what do I know/care, plus don't want to get worked up about it) but it's a perfect example of him just flailing his arms around and thinking that he'll be forgiven because of his legacy. Friends of mine called him 'a somewhat colonial type' as in that he's very much old school in a boomer way. Renaat is in every shape and form the boomer of the dance scene.

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Hasn't this been going since the summer? I read some stuff on IG back around then that sounded like the label wasn't treating some of their artists fairly, especially the women/trans/non-binary ones.

Why am I commenting. I don't even like R&S records.

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Dear fans,

Please see below a public statement we have today shared in order to inform our community with an update to events that have occurred over the past few months that have damaged our reputation:

We would like to address some of the most recent events of the past few months and share an important update. On 7th April 2021, R&S Records CEO Renaat Vandepapeliere gave a full statement to the Metropolitan police relating to an incident where a self-employed part time independent scout at the company sent malicious communications and attempted to blackmail the company and its founder in September 2020.

The accusations of racial discrimination against the label and our Founder are taken very seriously and we strongly deny them. Discrimination is not to be taken lightly and each claim is insulting when they are in such opposition to the truth. We feel it is disrespectful towards those who actually are or have been the victim of the most derogatory and disrespectful conduct that is discrimination.

Renaat Vandepapeliere is anything but a racist or a sexist, quite the opposite. As a music professional, he does not prioritize identity politics; rather he pays careful attention to the sound of musical talent. R&S Records is a universal music label that stimulates talent in people from all over the world.

A police report has been filed with the Metropolitan police who are now making further enquiries into this incident. We have instructed solicitors in both the U.K and Belgium and next steps are in process as we pursue further action.

We take all allegations of racism and blackmail extremely seriously and are taking necessary actions to protect our business and make sure any criminal activity is in the hands of the law.


R&S Records”

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