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µ-Ziq - Scurlage LP

Hugh Mughnus

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I just woke up to the news it’s been released!

and it’s Friday heh looks like it will be a good night 🙂

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1 hour ago, whosebrian said:

Slade Treacher

Yes.  What a tune.


But this entire album is full of tunes.  I'm hugely impressed that he is pumping out tunes on this level this far into his career.

Phenomenal stuff.

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I'm blown away by the overwhelmingly positive response here, there are some cool ideas but IMO they never really flesh out into a fulfilling song. Maybe i would need to give it another chance but i don't really see that happening.

Ironically it reminds me a lot of Brainwaltzera.


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Track 6 is pretty killer. I feel like a lot of the tones are similar to what he was doing on Salsa with Mesquite, but updated and more focused. So far I really think this some of his best stuff in the past couple decades!

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3 tracks on here I enjoyed on the first listen(Slade Treacher, Blauwasser, and Strawberry Aero).  I'm also in the boat that most of these didn't grab me right away, but I'm ancient, and hardly anything totally grabs me right away anymore.

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On 2/14/2021 at 4:53 AM, Soloman Tump said:

Cool. Weird it's not coming out on p-mu though as it's new tracks? I understand him putting out archive / moniker work on other labels though


This is a head scratcher.  I came in search of understanding.

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yeah! good stuff though

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I took Scurlage on a long walk thru the woods and around a lake today.  Listened through the album a couple times after holding off listening since its release.  Was waiting for vinyl to arrive, but I gave in and got immersed in some signature Mike P goodness.  Such a lovely day, and this album was a perfect accompaniment while surrounded by nature.  The second half of the album really finishes strong.

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