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BOC Maxima (HQ Revision)


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2 minutes ago, mister miller said:

red moss is so damn good

I can see why they didn't release it - just feels like it wouldn't fit on any of their releases to date. Lush tune though.

Which is why it would be great to have an Old Tunes boxset of some kind.

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also from what i can tell it sounds like tracks that were found in other albums i.e. MHTR were used to replace the original ones here. if you listen to roygbiv its clearly the MHTR version, the hats are completely different.


this is pretty much the aural equivalent of cgi'ing in jabba the hut into episode 4. takedown notice imminent.

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Would trade a few fingers and/or toes for Whitewater (in original form) on wax. Don’t think for a second I wouldn’t do it!

I’m pretty lukewarm to these BoC “remasters”. I’m not saying the music needs to sound like shit, but I think the wornout cassette tape found under a stack of old phonebooks in the garage sound is a big part of their aesthetic and appeal. 

Beggars can’t be choosers, though! I’d take official re-releases of their old catalog in any format.



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I was thinking to myself in the shower how almost all BOC Maxima tracks are seen on other albums or releases. I then considered how I also have the ability to get rid of the hiss in the tracks exclusive to BOC Maxima, and then thought "Hey, why not make an HQ revision of it where I replace each song with it's HQ version that is found on another release, and remaster the exclusive tracks myself?"

So I did that, took around 3 hours to get the full thing right. For the exclusive tracks like Niagara, Red Moss, Concourse and Whitewater, I used the 2013 russian FLAC rip to get a decent sound.

Chinook was on the 1998 Aquarius Vinyl, so I found the best sounding rip of it that I could. However, the Aquarius Vinyl version of Chinook is different than the BOC Maxima version, as it cuts and turns into a more IDM-sounding thing than BoC's sound with extra glitchy drum breaks and etc.

For Rodox Video, I used a pretty HQ "studio mockup" version of Rodox Video, where it'd emulate the original track that the bros would use in albums.

For Nova Scotia Robots, I used brtc's remaster and extended it, seeing as how there are some points where the melody repeats and the voices die down, making it so I could cut it and extend it seamlessly into June 9th.

For Niagara I opted to just remaster it instead of use my remake. Getting Niagara's fade-in to sound natural was a bit of a task.

For Skimming Stones I also used brtc's remaster, and extended it the same way I did with Nova Scotia Robots.

For Red Moss I used a software called Stereo Tool to get rid of the hiss with as little artifacts as possible.

For Concourse I also used Stereo Tool, which got rid of all the hiss with no artifacts, quite insane.

For Carcan I used brtc's remaster and had to slow it down just a bit to get it to match the original BOC Maxima Carcan speed, and used a flac of Nlogax from the 2014 release from Hi Scores.

For M9 and Original Nlogax I used Smokes Quantity's remaster.

For Whitewater I also remastered that myself using Stereo Tool, came out pretty well, drums sounding lush without hiss.

For One Very Important Thought I also used Stereo Tool.

All of the exclusive songs were done using the 2013 rip like I said.


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