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TM404 (Andreas Tilliander) - Syra


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i extremely love how textural this project is. he's got multiple tape delays hooked up to his mixer and he's hitting everyone of them into the red and it sounds absolutely beautiful. everything sounds really soft and dusty in a most pleasing way. if i smoked weed, this is what i would be listening to every night. this is the sound of weed.

that last mokira album (chill out) was also really good. almost somewhere in between the mokira and tm404 sound. did you check that one out?

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Tilliander is always excellent. I still listen frequently to Skokoll. 

Also yes, the comment about weed is accurate, to a surgically precise point. 

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but Syra is swedish for acid, I didn't even make the connection before your post.


You should definitely do that though, superb idea.


Also: this album is sweeeeeeeeeeet

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