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not even noticed - Muted Noises


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Hello, it's been a few months since our last release, but for the first one of 2021 we have something a little special. This debut EP from German duo not even noticed (yes, the no-caps is intentional) came on our radar sometime last year and it was immediately obvious how great it is. Here's the blurb:

There’s more than a hint of the old-school about the debut EP from Frankfurt duo not even noticed. Breakbeats and acid swirl across these six tightly-produced monsters.

The onset of the pandemic had a big impact on the pair, with much more time in the studio to get detail-obsessed, but also that unsettling feeling of not knowing what’s going to happen next.

It comes across in the music, with on the one hand razor-sharp hard-stepping beats and paranoiac vocal samples, and on the other blissful spaced-out moments.

The EP may indeed have one foot in the past, but this is forward-looking, hopeful, and just begging to be played on a proper system.

I can see it's available for preorder now on Redeye and Juno (black vinyl) and we'll have very limited clear marbled on our Bandcamp soon.

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Finally listened - nothing groundbreaking, but very well produced and very fun. Would love to hear this stuff in a club one day in the future.

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On 3/10/2021 at 12:19 AM, Extralife said:

Does this person have any other releases out there?

It's a duo and they've only done one other track on the Key of G compilation we put out last year:




They did some other stuff under their real names but in a different style:



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2 hours ago, gated said:

It's a duo and they've only done one other track on the Key of G compilation we put out last year:




They did some other stuff under their real names but in a different style:



Well...they are great together. Have em put more out!

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    • By gated
      Our latest cassette release is from another new artist, pulling together 15 tracks produced between 2005 and 2020. We were sent well over 70 demos and whittled them down to these tracks, so I expect you will hear more from him in the future. Just released in digi and limited cassette on Bandcamp only:

      Samples of the whole release here on Soundcloud:
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      This is the first proper release from SELEKTOR55 since his debut on Occult Research a few years ago. Here's the blurb:
      A remarkable one-off tribute to the drummer behind the most sampled break of all time, Clyde Stubblefield, this 7” goes straight for the glitchy jugular, cutting up Stubblefield’s breaks from his time with James Brown into a blizzard of rhythmically complex, tightly programmed IDM, underpinned by deep, dark sub-bass.
      Stubblefield passed away in 2017, but his legacy lives on through numerous tracks that sampled his work across genres like hip hop, jungle, and, well, more or less every other genre. Most were uncredited and he wasn’t paid for his contributions.
      German artist SELEKTOR55 wanted to pay tribute to Stubblefield in the most respectful way possible, and what better than a 7” created to reproduce the look and feel of a 1970s funk 45?
      For Clyde’s four tracks bleed into each other, the intricate breaks and beats almost jumping off the needle. Crucially, as experimental as this is, SELEKTOR55 retains the funk, giving Stubblefield a fitting tribute from an IDM master.
      This is a vinyl-only release. 155 hand-stamped and hand-numbered copies. There will be no digital (yes, I realise that will annoy some of you, but it's what SELEKTOR55 wanted and it suits the project).
      Order via https://gatedrecordings.bandcamp.com from Sept. 4
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      OK so I might as well post this here, some of you might dig it. It's pretty Balearic so not the sort of thing that's usually posted, but then again it's all quite varied. Here's the blurb:
      Like a warm breeze drifting in over the sea to a white isle, Mazzo's six-track EP has summer written all over it.
      Gentle Winds is an apt title for the range of clearly Balearic-influenced tracks here, taking in hands-in-the-air piano house on Baby I Let You A Bath In, 80s-style hot-funk electro on Blue Field, blissed-out ambient on Cosmic Kiss, and sun-kissed conga-led downtempo on Natural Living.
      Across the EP Berlin-based producer Mazzo keeps the atmosphere sweet, smooth, and oh-so-hot. Perfect for the days we all wish would return: beach-bound, bar-side, and vibe-soaked.
      Bandcamp for limited yellow vinyl and digital:
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      From Uf0's FB:
      "Hey guys, the Gated album is on the way!
      Gated Recordings ‎– GTD009
      Vinyl, 12", 33 ⅓ RPM, EP, Limited Edition, Numbered
      2020, UK
      Pre-order start on July 3:
      (Out on Friday with preorders for purple marbled (100 copies) on bandcamp. There will be 200 black vinyl in the usual stores.)
      released around August 14."
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