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i enjoy sarah belle reid's work. she has a new album i haven't checked out.. but her previous one is really interesting. noise, bug sounds, trumpet etc. 

her instagram is active with all sorts of things. also patreon. her augmented trumpet + max stuff is a nice mesh of weird and classic. 




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been listening to a lot of these lately. more on the singer-songwriter tip than some of y'all are into probably

but i'm a southern boy and a good song will get into my guts every time.

tried to include artists i don't think have been posted in here yet but i still need to dig through all posted here i didn't recognize





i'm sure someone has put up some SY in here already but gonna post this because basically the first 4 minutes are them doing their own shreds video (watch for O'Rourke smashing random keys lol) and it's pretty great

but also this song is so good.

and to rep some (former? probably broken up now idk) locals. don't think i ever grabbed any of their stuff but i caught them live a couple times, pretty nuts shows, always fun:


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On 4/28/2021 at 4:48 AM, auxien said:

someone i follow on Twitter shared this and i've never heard her music but these tracks are really nice

Yeah, she's good. Check out that not even happiness album of hers.

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I remembered the album title
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