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Spectral Gates - new single 'moontruck', and new album 'lunar'

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Hi all. Hope you're all well.

I've *just* hit the "upload to Spotify" button for the third Spectral Gates album, 'lunar', and we put a clip up for the first single 'moontruck' today.

We're a Sydney-based instrumental two-piece, playing dubby electronic post-rock. Our previous album was mega sludgy, but 'lunar' has a lot of sharper sounds on it. The feature track is propulsive electro-rock. Started off as an attempt to do something like 'future sound of london - papua new guinea' but it ended up nothing like that by the time we finished.

We custom developed software to make the clip (and the song, for that matter) - there's a bunch of video re-synthesis in there, piecing together frames from tilesets from old videogame footage (and there's a lot of custom software on the audio side - some of my plugins ship with the Reaper DAW, and I've ported them to other weirdo DSP platforms that we use a lot on-stage).

'lunar' should be up in a week or so - I'll update the post with links.

Cheers! Happy to chat technology on this one (or provide stems for remixes, for what it's worth).

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Album is out now - dubby, soundtrack-y electrorock. Cheers!




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