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Salad Fingers Plushie


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  • Joyrex changed the title to Salad Fingers Plushie

i ordered one of these a few days ago. pretty expensive, but i haven't bought myself anything fun in ages and david deserves to get my money more than most people. love his music too.

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3 minutes ago, MIXL2 said:

he has been really successful in monetizing his work or atleast that's  what it appears to from the outside..

At the very least I feel like Salad Fingers must be the most iconic series to come out of that era of mid 00s flash cartoons. What else would come close? Homestar Runner, Happy Tree Friends, maybe something by Weebl's Stuff...but yeah I'd say Salad Fingers is like the Simpsons of weird internet cartoons millenials would watch during middle school computer class when they were supposed to be learning how to make a powerpoint

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