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Psychedelic cumbia


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I've noticed a new sound populating the music channels over recent years, and it's pretty groovy.  I'm talking about this kind of shit.



I'm not sure what it's called aside from just psychedelic cumbia, but I think it's gaining enough traction to warrant a thread of its own.  Post some shit you've found in this style.  I'll put a few Bandcamp albums in here to get it rolling.


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15 minutes ago, cyanobacteria said:

wow i love it. is this freshly made cIDMia rebajada? my ears are abrasive from music listening tho so the beep hurts them thats just me tho

freshly made, sampled some beat loops from rebajadas and added layers of stuff on top of it...
did you listen to the first one?




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 @drillkicker; i think @Ivan Oozewas referencing that your first music video takes place on the festival of santa muerte (specifically in barrio Tepito de la Ciudad de Mexico, which is sort of a notorious neighborhood).  These sort of 'unsanctioned saints' (in this case the saint death, whose representation is a skeleton version of the Virgin Mary, who is the most sacred saint in Mexican catholicism) often become popular and take on a cult or folk-like following.  For instance in parts of Mexico where narcos have a large presence, certain drug lords who gave back to the community became like saints to the local population and take on a robin-hood like status represented through imagery and 'corridos'.  Anyways, i digress.

The genre name 'cumbia psicodelica', I believed has only been coined recently, but often refers to the the Chicha genre, music of Peru in the 60's and early 70s.  The compilation Roots of Chica (vol 1 and 2) was key in helping the music gain popularity to non latin american countries.  The tracks were always popular in latin america tho, for example many of the cumbias (cumbia generally referring to any music you dance to, btw) and quinceanera classics that Mexicans know from the 90's are actually covers of those Peruvian songs.

I appreciate the links to contemporary / new bands offering their take on cumbia psicodelica.  Its such compelling music that works in so many contexts.  That combination of laid back / fuzzed out melodies with a grounded and groovy rhythm section.

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1 hour ago, Tim_J said:

i don't get it, y u no like my musics? i did another one today, work in progress...


Dude you nailed it here!  I dig the organ groove, and even hear elements of other portugese dance music in the percussion. But like a great dish, you have a great sense of balancing (not over-spicing the mix) while making it your own

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