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Post your Youtube channels!!!!

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Thanks! Yes, we are working on some new things that will feature the more recent stuff, but most of it is available on our bandcamp for free:



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I don't upload solo tracks but I've got all of my recent Twitch VODs on Youtube.  Mostly stuff with THawkins, going to probably start doing a more informal solo stream one evening a week sometime next month, once I have the camera situation more sorted out.


Links in the signature.


EDIT: finally changed aliases to something that actually fits what I'm doing now; links to Twitch and Youtube are on my professional internet web page, which is linked in the signature.

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my channel has a big range of things, honestly.  i post jams mostly nowadays, but i also have a bunch of content from other projects as well.  i'm actually curious what some of you might think about the "new age video aquarium" collaborative project i have with my best friend.  we take weird vhs tapes we find and run them through our individual rigs (his covering video, i cover audio) and get some cool results.

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