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I really appreciate how Four Tet released so much defiantly happy music in the hellscape of 2020


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                                                                                        tha Soundlab20


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49 minutes ago, jaderpansen said:

wow, goosebumps. where was this all my life? i thought i had the 80s somewhat down tbh...

Yeah love this song 🙂 check the album diamond life if you haven't already👍


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17 minutes ago, Berk said:

Yeah love this song 🙂 check the album diamond life if you haven't already👍


Sade has a very rare kind of female voice, and her pitch is exceptionally perfect. I especially love the Bring Me Home live, it's an exquisite lens into her music.

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here's one that can give me the full ear-to-ear RDJ grin at any time of day. funnily enough, the only other tracks that put me in that mood are Luke Vibert tracks...

word up to ^^^Tom Tom Club - Genius of Love. i discovered it the other day and fell head over heals with it! didn't know i was such a sucker for that aesthetic.

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Two all time “makes me smile” type songs.

BTW if you haven’t seen the Robert Rich or Steve Roach (another great Steve) recent live soundquest performances from the 2021 show you totally should.

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