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Network marketing

sine nomine

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I'd like to know people's take on network marketing or however else it may be called. I've been approached by my friend and has given me a little insight into what he calls "my business" 

I thought it was all a crock of shit and hyped up self improvement stuff but it doesn't really seem like a pyrimid scheme to me — because you're given a time frame of 5-10 years to "duplicate" your business in other people "downline" they call it its set up so you buy stuff (that you normally would anyway ie. toothpaste) from a company Amway it's called I believe and you get a cut of the sales through points... And go up their ranks, you're investing and hoping to get others on board. 

Well that's what I got so far... The numbers and financial stuff is still a little unclear but what are your thoughts or experience with this stuff. I heard stuff like "pipeline income" and retire in 10 years from your current job and "financially independence"... 


Love to hear your opinion. 

Is it all bullshit? 

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amway is the definition of an MLM pyramid scheme.  they operate sort of like cults. 

don't buy into the hype or sales pitch. it's all bullshit. 

just google around a little about multi level marketing schemes. there's even a shit ton of memes and a subreddit. 


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